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“What makes DSG different to every other online retailer out there?”

You may have heard us throw around the phrase ‘DSG Products is not your average retailer’, but we have been asked by our DSG fans “what does this actually mean?” and “how are you different”.

Well, in simple terms we want to supply you with good quality DIY and builder’s products at a reasonable price. We don’t want to charge you an arm and a leg for a product just so we can make lots of money. Our philosophy is to charge a reasonable price, cheaper than most retailers, and make a bit of money for ourselves.

As for the question “, how are you different?”. This one is going to take a bit more explaining – here are 4 ways we differ from your normal online retailer.

1 – Our Website

The products on our website have been categorised to show you the lowest priced products first. Do you know any other website which does this? We have other ways to filter through our products, but we firmly believe that if you can find the product you are looking for on our website, why would you need to pay more?

The phrase ‘why pay more?’ is important to us as it drives us to continue providing you with products for the best possible price. You can buy the exact same product from another online retailer, but you may end up paying twice as much, maybe even more.

2 – Return on Investment

It is obvious that online retailers are looking to make a profit – ourselves included. However, we didn’t create this website to become rich. That’s just not how we operate!

Our aim is to provide our DSG Fans with cost-effective products so nothing on our website is overpriced. I would hate to be ripped off too. We simply cover our costs and make a little extra to keep us in coffees. That’s all.

3 – Personalisation

We are committed to ensuring you have the best possible experience with DSG Products as you can possibly have.

To ensure this, something we must do is personally use all the products we sell. If we have not used the product before or if the product is new, we will open a sample and test it first. If we are happy with the product and it works effectively, we will then put it on our website and eBay shop and sell it to you. If it does not pass our tests, then we will not sell it.

4 – DSG Competitions

We have regular DSG Competitions to thank our DSG Fans for all their support and engagement on our social media. We currently have a competition running on our Twitter page. The prize is a 4.8V Cordless Screwdriver worth £30. This product is on sale on our website for £14.

One way we like to give back to our supporters and followers on social media is through our DSG Competitions. To…

Posted by DSG Products on Wednesday, 12 December 2018

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