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“What Can I use Instead of WD40?”

Buying a branded product can be an expensive and with this in mind, some people are forced to look for alternatives. There are a lot of websites that provide homemade alternatives to the branded WD40 product.

What you need is a cost-effective solution that can loosen rusted nuts and bolts, lubricate and displace water and protect metal parts.

Unfortunately, while the majority of the recipes out there say they can produce an ‘alternative to WD40’, most of them cannot do all the factors mentioned above. They may lubricate well but that is likely the extent of their capabilities.

So, you need an all-in-one solution that can penetrate, lubricate, clean, protect and displace moisture.

Unfortunately, instead of a homemade solution, a manufactured solution is the best solution for you. This is because it can be guaranteed to do all of these things.

This maintenance spray is the perfect alternative to WD40 and does everything you want it to without you needing to mess about with creating your own concoction.

ProSolve branded Maintenance Spray can be used as a cheaper alternative to WD40.

Therefore, the answer to all the questions we get regarding WD40 and maintenance spray is simply this – use the ProSolve branded Maintenance Spray.