Cross Pein Hammer 14mm with Wooden Shaft (HM194)

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This is a super 14mm Cross Pein Hammer.

The pein (pronounced ‘peen’ I think) is the thing at the opposite end of the hammer head and is used to start hammering in tacks and panel pins etc, its simply designed so that you don’t hurt your forefinger and thumb tying to bash in a panel pin with the head of the hammer.

Very clever design really, wish I’d thought of it!

Lovely ash wooden handle, solidly attached to the hard heavy bit so it shouldn’t easily come loose, the handles of these are very comfortable actually.
I also believe that the head has been heat

Ideal for loads of DIY jobs (and even breaking toffee!), in fact this is one of the 2-3 hammers that every household should own.

Cross Pein Hammer 14mm with Wooden Shaft (HM194)

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