Maintenance Spray (WD40 Alternative)

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Looking for a cheap WD40 alternative? Looking for a brilliant Maintenance Spray or penetrating oil and water displacer?

This cheap WD40 maintenance spray alternative is a very high quality penetrating moisture repellent, it protects metal and metal components from rust and corrosion. It penetrates stuck or jammed parts. It great at displacing moisture and lubricating just about anything you want lubricating.

This maintenance spray is great for 100’s of applications around the home, bike, car and workplace.



Maintenance Spray: You can mess around with water and olive oil to make your own WD40 type solution (that won’t really work!), or you can just buy this wonderful WD40 alternative!

It’s just like it’s more expensive maintenance spray counterpart and penetrating oil – it loosens rust, frees nuts and bolts that are stuck, it lubricates and displaces moisture, PLUS spraying on metal items protects them from future rust problems. It protects metal from rust and corrosion, penetrates stuck or jammed parts, displaces moisture, and lubricates just about anything. It really is brilliant at loosening rusted joints or fixings whilst providing lasting protection from corrosion.

These are large 500ml cans, the standard WD40 can is only 200ml!

It’s a blend of all-purpose oil and solvent in a handy spray with millions of uses (to be honest I stopped counting after 23!)

An all-around magic solution that works well, I even use it myself.

Just like its expensive counterpart, at its core this is a multi-purpose product which displaces water leaving an electrically non-conductive barrier, it also:

  • Penetrates rust, loosening rusted parts (simply spray and leave for a few minutes)
  • Penetrates corrosive components (by capillary action) – again loosening them
  • Protects metal against rust and corrosion
  • Cleans away grease and grime quickly
  • Leaves a protective film of lubricant
  • No-clog Straw/ (or just use the spray nozzle) for either use as a normal spray or producing a precision stream

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  1. Andrew

    I’ve bought this product, i actually found it better and MUCH cheaper than WD40. Would definitely recommend.

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