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Our Top Tips For Using A Screwdriver

A screwdriver is a staple tool when completing a DIY project. However, many ‘DIYers’ end up is all types of mess when using one. Either the screw doesn’t go in straight or the head of the screw can be ruined so that it can’t be either screwed in further or removed. The dreaded ‘rounding’ of a screw head. The solution to all of these problems is to understand how to use a screwdriver properly.

Into Wood

When driving screws into soft wood without a pilot hole, use a bradawl to mark a small indent. The screw will now be much easier to drive into the exact spot where you need it to go.

For tougher woods try to get a small hole with a bradawl then use a smaller diameter drill bit to drill a pilot hole. Again, the screw will now be much easier to drive into the wood.

Which Screwdriver Bit to Use for Which Job?

For general construction use a Philips or a Pozi bit, these are excellent general purpose screws/bits to use.

For more decorative uses consider slotted screws as this have a better appearance.

For maintenance and service engineers: use a Torx bit. These are typically the strongest and most wear-resistant screw types usually found in cars, machinery and domestic appliances etc

Flat screw heads are obviously perfect if you need a flush finish.

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