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Cheap White Linemarker

Are you looking for cheap white line markers? If yes, you’ve come to the right place. If no, then keep on reading because you may learn something new and even want to buy a white line marker.
It is firstly important to note that not all line markers are made the same way. Often when customers think of cheap products they think the product will be poorly made, low quality, and will not work properly. This is NOT always the case.

While at DSG Products we do sell clearance items, we are proud to say that our products, including our cheap white line markers, undergo thorough testing to ensure they meet our high-quality standard. If a product does not meet our expectations, we DO NOT sell it on our Ebay store or website.

Another key aspect we test is whether a product is in date or not. This will also dictate whether the item is listed with us or not. This means our cheap white line markers are cheap in all aspects but quality!

Visit our Ebay store for more information and to purchase.

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“What Can I Use Instead Of WD40?”

Branded products can be expensive, and with this in mind people are forced to look for alternatives; now there are lots of websites that provide homemade alternatives to the branded WD40 product.

What’s needed is a cost-effective solution that can loosen rusted nuts and bolts, lubricate, displace water and protect metal parts.

Unfortunately the mass of recipes out there that say they produce a “WD40 alternative” can’t do all of these things, most of them lubricate well, but that’s about it.

So you need an all-in-one solution that can penetrate, lubricate, clean, protect and displace moisture and unfortunately a manufactured solution is the very best option for you, as it can be guaranteed to do all of these things.

The ProSolve maintenance spray is the perfect alternative to WD40 and does everything you want it to do without you haven’t to mess about with your own concoction.

So, to answer the questions “What Can I Use Instead Of WD40?” – use ProSolve maintenance spray.

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Need A New Jockey Wheel?

Think you need a new jockey wheel, but not sure of what you need or the measurements you need?

Jockey wheels can take a bit of a beating and can damage fairly easily, so if yours is damaged you are best getting it replaced as soon as possible.

You might be able to get away with just knowing the diameter of the shaft part of the jockey wheel as this usually just clamps onto the existing clamp on the a frame of the caravan or trailer, but it’s usually best getting the whole lot replaced (including the the winding handle and the wheel section); if your jockey wheel has taken a knock then its worth remembering that something has taken the impact of the knock therefore safety suggests getting it all replaced.

Plus its also worth looking for a pneumatic wheel, the advantage being that these will absorb a lot more of the any shocks (much more than any solid tyre would) meaning less damage to the overall wheel.

We have a good range of jockey wheels and spares on this site and can probably beat most online and local prices, if you don’t see what you need then get in touch with us ( and we’ll provide you with a great quote.

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A Tool Cabinet for People Who Have More Tools than will Fit in a Tool Box

If you know someone with a lot of tools, whose tool boxes just are not big enough to hold them all, then a tool chest might be the perfect gift. Take a look at some of the options available to find one that would work best to suit the your tool king in your life.

Where do you keep your tools if you have so many (either for your work or just because you are obsessed with tools) that two or three tool boxes just are not big enough? A tool cabinet. Though it sounds fairly basic, even a tool cabinet is more than it sounds and can come in a variety of sizes, configurations and materials.

First there are the obvious cabinets that hang on the wall with special storage options specifically designed for tools. One tool cabinet that I have seen is made of metal and has a work space that folds down. This is really nifty. To see it hanging on the wall, it looks like a regular cabinet with two handles to open the doors, but instead of opening doors, you use the handles to pull the front of the cabinet down. The “bottom” of the cabinet lies flat against the wall and the “door” becomes the work area. Wall hanging boxes look good but because of the weight of most tools, this isn’t always a practical solution.

Many of the better tool cabinets come on wheels so that you can move them around your shop or garage to where the work is, instead of having to continually move back and forth to your tools.

This helps keep your tools better organised because there is less chance that you will just leave your tools lying around to put away later. Most of these cabinets have a multitude of narrow drawers, though others have an actual cabinet plus drawers. These come in many sizes, with varying heights and widths.

Some of the wider ones I have seen are quite deluxe. They have a hinged lid and drawers are of varying sizes. Plus there is a small locker that can be mounted on either side of the cabinet. These are for the serious tool jockeys!

The last main type of tool cabinet that I have seen is similar to a tool box in that it is smaller, but it is designed to be used in one place. It is set on top of a counter and has multiple drawers. It is different from tool boxes because it does not have a carrying handle and does not have a hinged lid.

If you have a lot of tools then security will be important to you, so ensure that what you get is lockable of use a solution that helps you fix larger and more valuable tools to a wall or floor.

The nice thing about almost any tool chest is that it is lockable and they are heavy duty – usually made of metal. So if tools are your thing, whether by necessity or choice, then you may need a tool cabinet to hold all you tools; and as you can tell there are a variety of options for you to choose from to find what will work best for you.

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Getting Creative with Garage Shelving

Getting creative with garage shelving means going with the solution that best fits your space and needs. Whether it be simple or deluxe, you can find the best shelving option to suit your needs.

Garage shelving may not be something you equate with creativity. But if you think about it, home owners all over the world bring a wide range of ideas to how to best manage their storage needs with the help of shelving. There is a huge range of options that you could go with. It can be as simple as basic wooden shelves, or as complex and deluxe as you can imagine. Products are available that will serve nearly any conceivable storage need. Use creativity for how to best use your space.

In the UK, garage shelving ideas range the gamut from super basic to very complex.

On the simple end of the spectrum, it is common to see shelving that usually consists of some arrangement of dimensional lumber and some plywood. Though, ask any college or university student about shelves and they will promptly teach you about the diversity and portability of cinderblocks and simple pine boards. This is fine for dorm rooms, but in the garage it needs to be just a bit more. So, back to the lumber and ply.

It is the rare individual that isn’t capable of putting something functional together with these materials. If you can measure, cut, and fasten you can make shelving in your garage from these things.

On the fancier, more complex side of things, people will tend their garage shelving toward nicer materials like finished melamine or even hardwoods. Once the decision is made to move away from the purely functional, the sky is the limit. Personally speaking, I find that shelves hidden behind lockable doors are really desirable. Being able to secure your belongings, hide them from prying eyes, and still keep things up and out of the way, is a big step in the right direction.

One thing some people can do to supplement their garage shelving needs is to use old cabinets. When we remodeled our kitchen a few years ago we found use for some of the old cabinets out in the garage. Chances are, most people don’t happen to find themselves with extra kitchen cabinets on hand, so just keep it in mind if you happen to be one of those who may be remodeling soon.

Usually, storage needs in the garage are best met with garage shelving that is heavy duty, designed to look good and last for many years. Fortunately, many manufacturers today make some really nice quality shelving products. These usually include features like secure welds, powder coated finishes, full adjustability, and heavy duty steel construction. Of course, there are lighter versions made out of composites and other metals that are not meant to store super heavy items. Overhead storage is another option that, while not typically seen as shelving, is, in fact, exactly that, a shelf that attaches to hang from the ceiling. Being able to put things up out of the way overhead is a great way to go.

Garage shelving, of all types, is meant to serve a purpose. The point is that it doesn’t really matter whether you decide that something simple is best for you or that you really need something a little more polished and deluxe. What matters is that you have a place to solve the problem of clutter and random mystery piles of stuff. Get creative and find garage shelving that best helps you organize your space for you!

Out top tip is to use some sturdy purpose build shelving units, they look good, are very versatile and very strong. Check out our premium shelving kit.

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Using a Screwdriver – top tips

Many ‘DIYers’ end up in all types of mess when using a screwdriver, either the screw doesn’t do in straight or the head of the screw can be ruined so that it can’t be either screwed in further or removed (the dreaded ‘rounding’ of a screw head), the solution to all of these problems is to understand how to use a screwdriver properly.

Into Wood

When driving screws into soft wood without a pilot hole of any description, use a bradawl to mark a small indent. The screw will now be much easier to drive into the exact spot where you need it to go.

For tougher woods try to get a small hole with a bradawl then use a smaller diameter drill bit to drill a pilot hole; again, the screw will now be much easier to drive into the wood.

Which Screwdriver Bit To Use For Which Job?

It’s important that that you use the right it for the right job. For general construction use a Philips or a Pozi bit, these are excellent general purpose screws/bits to use.

For more decorative uses consider slotted screws as this have a better appearance.

For maintenance and service engineers: use a Torx bit. These are typically the strongest and most wear-resistant screw types usually found in cars, machinery and domestic appliances etc
Flat screw heads are obviously perfect if you need a flush finish.

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New Ratchet Straps and Winches

We have extended our range of Ratchet Straps and Winches to include some new straps and also a new twin speed hand wrench.

We scour the internet on a daily basis to ensure that our products are highly competitive, but our service is better than the great price we provide you, if you can’t find anything you want on our growing website then get in touch with our dedicate customer service team because we might be able to get it for you at a low cost.

Plus remember that if you order before 3:30pm we are able to offer next day delivery to any UK mainland address.