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Get Creative with Garage Shelving

Get Creative with Garage Shelving

Get Creative with Garage Shelving

Getting creative with garage shelving means choosing a solution that is best suited to your space and needs. Whether this is simple or deluxe, you can find the best shelving option to suit your needs.

Garage shelving may not be something most people equate with creativity. However, if you think about it, homeowners all over the world bring a range of ideas to managing storing needs with the help of shelving. There is a huge range of options you could go with. It can be as simple as basic wooden shelves, or as complex and deluxe as you can imagine. Products are available that will serve nearly any conceivable storage need. Use creativity for how to best use your space.

Some people choose nicer materials like finished melamine or even hardwoods for their garage shelving. This option is perfect for those who desire expensive looking shelving but at DSG Products we like our products cheap and good quality. One way you can reuse material is by using old cabinets as shelving or other storage solutions in the garage. It is likely you don’t have extra kitchen cabinets on hand, so just keep it in mind if you happen to be one of those who may be remodelling soon.

Usually, people want garage storage that is heavy duty, designed to look good and last for many years. Fortunately, many manufacturers today make good quality shelving products. These usually include features like secure welds, powder-coated finishes, full adjustability, and heavy-duty steel construction. Of course, there are lighter versions made out of composites and other metals that are not meant to store super heavy items.

Overhead storage is another option. It is not typically seen as shelving but is exactly that, a shelf that attaches to hang from the ceiling. Being able to put things up out of the way overhead is a great way to go.

Garage shelving, of all types, is meant to serve a purpose. It does not matter whether you decide someone simple is best for you or you want something more polished and deluxe. What matters is you have a place to organise clutter and random mystery piles of stuff. Get create and find a garage shelving solution which best helps you organise your space.

Our top tip is to use some sturdy purpose build shelving units. They look good, are versatile and strong. Check out our Premium Shelving Kit.