Discover What Makes Us Different

We understand that there are lots of retailers on the internet trying to sell you similar DIY tools and products to the ones that we sell, so we appreciate the fact that you are even taking a look at buying your DIY bits n pieces from us.

Quite simply we sell simple, good quality products at a reasonable price.

All of our product listings are sorted by price, and we place the lowest price at the top of the list, because if you can find what you want for a decent price – why pay more!

Why Pay More

I think that’s a phrase and belief that drives us, you can buy exactly the same products that we sell from other online retailers for twice the price sometimes more), but why pay more than you need to.

We also personally use all of the products we sell, if we don’t use it then we open a sample and play with the product to ensure that we are happy to sell it.

Our products descriptions are honest and from the heart, and hopefully, some of them might make you smile.

Ultimately we believe in you, our customer, and will do what we can to make your stay with us a happy one.