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One aspect of DSG Products which makes us stand out from our competitors is our commitment to our customers. To celebrate our success so far in 2018 we have decided to bring back our #DSGCompetition and introduce a new prize.

Our DSG fans who have supported us from the beginning are aware we have regular competitions to thank our DSG fans for all their support loyalty when choosing who to buy construction/ DIY products with us. Our usual prize is a toolbox full of tools and our followers simply must follow and engage with us on social media. Our last prize was a toolbox and tools worth over £45! In specific, we had a 16″ plastic toolbox, self-retracting knife, 6″ combination pliers, 8pc metric hexagon key set, 8″ adjustable wrench, 9″ magnetic spirit level, 8oz stubby claw hammer, 12pc bit set, bradawl and a 4pc screwdriver set. Most of these tools are a must-have for your toolbox so the competition gives us an excuse to prepare you for any DIY job which may arise.

You can see our previous #DSGCompetition winner here.

For our current #DSGCompetition, we are giving you the chance to win a super lightweight 4.8V Cordless Screwdriver worth £25! All you have to do is sign up here, follow, share, like, and comment underneath the image shown below. There are bonus entries to be won by completing these steps across all our social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube).

The Prize

  • Comes with its own handy holster
  • Really comfortable to use
  • Equipped with 4 assorted screwdriver bits
  • It has also been manufactured to be lightweight
  • Speed: 2000 rpm
  • RoHS compliant (2002/95/EC)
  • 5-7 hours on one charge
  • 4.8v battery

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Why You Should Buy Our Warrior Branded Universal Trailer Tester


A high-quality trailer tester is an important tool which should be bought alongside a trailer. Our Warrior branded universal trailer lighting tester is designed and manufactured for both leisure and industrial users to enable the speedy testing of caravan and towable equipment lighting. With this tool, you do not need to couple up to a vehicle which makes the system especially useful for fleet users.

This tester is the ultimate trailer tester for tow bar electrics including all the road light circuits and supplementary power feeds. The tester can also be used to independently power and check trailer or caravan lighting.

Testing all tow bar road light functions is the necessary standard procedure during the annual MOT, but more importantly, the lights should be tested immediately after installing a tow bar wiring system.

Details about our listing:

  • The kit includes a universal plug adaptor, 12v auxiliary lead with croc clips and 12v AC/DC adaptor.
  • It is designed for both leisure and industrial users to enable the speedy testing of trailer towing lighting without the need to hitch up to the vehicle.
  • The universal trailer tester is designed and manufactured out of durable shock resistant ABS.
  • The body incorporates a carry handle.
  • 13 Pin mounted socket for testing the new style 13 pin Euro plugs now fitted on many new trailers.
  • Universal plug adaptor included for testing the traditional 7 pin plug type 12N.
  • Rocker switches on the front of the body for testing the individual functions, stop, tail, indicators LH & RH, fog and reverse lamps.
  • Includes a rechargeable battery to enable the portable tester to be used anywhere without any trailing wires.

As if you needed another reason to buy our universal trailer tester, here is some feedback from eBay buyers who have recently bought this product.

One buyer commented on the fact that we offer ‘lightning quick delivery’ and described our trailer tester as a ‘great item’. Another buyer left us positive feedback mentioning that the item had ‘done the job thanks’.

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Looking for a WD40 Alternative?

Are you looking for a brilliant penetrating oil that won’t cost you an arm and a leg to purchase? You’ve come to the right place! If you’re one of our DSG Fans, you will know that we specialise in providing our customers with high-quality products at low prices.

You can mess around with water and olive oil to make your own WD40 type solution or use vegetable oil and acetone. However, there is no guarantee that this simple solution will be tough enough to act as an effective solution. With our great price, you might as well use a product you know will work.

Similarly, to its more expensive counterpart and penetrating oil, our maintenance spray loosens rust, frees nuts and bolts that are stuck, lubricates and displaces moisture, AND, by spraying it on metal items, protects them from future rust problems. Our solution lubricates just about anything and is brilliant at loosening rusted joints or fixings whilst providing lasting protection from corrosion.

These are large 500ml cans while the standard WD40 is only a 200ml solution.


At its core, this is a multi-purpose product which displaces water leaving an electrically non-conductive barrier. It also:

  • Penetrates rust, loosening rusted parts – you simply spray and leave for a few minutes.
  • Penetrates corrosive components (by capillary action) – again loosening them
  • Protects metal against rust and corrosion
  • Cleans away grease and grime quickly and effectively
  • Leaves a protective film of lubricant
  • No-clog straw is needed. You just use the spray nozzle to produce a precision stream.
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5 Brilliant Father’s Day Gifts for A Construction-Loving Dad









Father’s Day is right around the corner – Sunday 17th of June to be precise. Maybe you know exactly what you’re getting your Dad, it’s already wrapped and successfully hidden in your house. However, for those who leave everything to the last minute (me every single time) this blog post is perfect for you.
Here is a list of construction goodies which are guaranteed to make you your Dad’s favourite.

1 – The Ultimate Screwdriver Set

It’s likely that your construction-loving dad’s trusty tools haven’t aged gracefully, and they are starting to show their age. What better way to show him how much you care by buying him a Screwdriver Set with a Carry Case. With 12 screwdrivers differing in size and shape, there is not a DIY task Dad cannot complete.
Buy here.

2 – Cordless but Not Any Less

Most people think big and expensive is better when it comes to hand tools. However, our DSG Fans know our products are high quality AND inexpensive – you don’t always have to pay more for a better quality.

Our Cordless screwdriver is lightweight with a 4.8v battery, 200rpm (revolutions per minute), and comes equipped with 4 assorted screwdriver bits. In other words, it is perfect for a construction-loving dad.
Buy here.

3 – Main(ten out of ten)ance Spray

Described as a ‘brilliant penetrating oil’ and a ‘good alternative to WD40’, this maintenance spray can be used to loosen rust, free stuck nuts and bolts, lubricate and displace moisture, protect metal items form future rust problems, and so many more. This multifunctional product is a cleaning essential for construction and DIY lovers, and Dad will definitely thank you for it.
Buy it here.

4 – Ignore This Deal And You’ll Only Have Your Shelf To Blame

Give Dad a place to store all his new tools and avoid the garage becoming a complete mess. These premium shelving units are suitable for garage shelving or office shelving. The boltless construction system means it is simple to put up while the strong frame and reinforced shelving system mean that each shelf will take 275kg of weight. The best part is it’s currently on sale on our website.
Buy here.

5 – These LED Twin Beacon Light Bars Are De(light)ful

Why limit yourself to one gift for Dad? These powerful 2 x 60 LED modules with twin, round, secure magnetic attachments perfectly fit a vehicle. An added bonus is the fact that they are magnetic which means no holes need to be drilled in the vehicle roof. You can give your Dad a brilliant and unique gift he will never forget and spare his car roof.

Buy here.

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Do you need a new Jockey Wheel?


Are you in need of a new jockey wheel and are unsure of what you need or the measurements you need? As well as exactly identifying your problem, I will tell you our top tips and key signs to look out for.

One key indicator is the fact that jockey wheels can get damaged easily so if yours is damaged and has been worn out, it is in your best interest to get it replaced as soon as possible.

You might be able to get away with just knowing the diameter of the shaft part of the jockey wheel as this usually just clamps onto the existing clamp on the frame of the caravan or trailer.

However, we recommend getting the whole lot replaced, including the winding handle and the wheel section. If your jockey wheel has taken a knock, then it’s worth remembering that something has taken the impact of the knock. Therefore, to ensure your caravan or trailer is secured safely you should get it all replaced.

Our second top tip is looking for a pneumatic wheel which will absorb a lot more of shocks or knocks more than a solid tyre would. This means there is less damage to the overall wheel.

We supply a good range of jockey wheels and spares on this website and we are proud to say that they beat most online and local prices.

Our 34 mm standard duty jockey wheel is one of our DSG fan favourites. The smooth jockey wheel design is perfect for small trailers, caravans, and trailer tents, and is constructed for standard duty applications. It has a cast steel handle, solid rubber tyre, and clear zinc plated finish to help resist rust and corrosion.

Buy here.


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4 Summer DIY Project Inspiration for Your Back Garden

Are you feeling inspired by the sporadic warm weather in the UK? Have you always wanted a swing or patio, but the project seems too difficult to complete? You’ve come to the right place! I am going to show you four unique potential projects which will turn your back garden from a dull and dreary patch of land to a beautiful haven you can enjoy all year round.

1 – Raised Garden Bed






An enjoyable and practical summer DIY project could be to build a raised garden bad which are easier to use than a flat garden bed and easy to personalise. To build a basic raised bed, you will need equipment such as several wooden posts, PVC pipes, screws, and power tools. The cost of this project depends on how detailed you would like your garden bed to be however we estimate $150 for a basic raised garden bed.

2 – Garden Swing








A garden swing could be the perfect addition to a back garden. The best part is it will simply require wood and rope to make a rustic swing as shown in the image above. We think this DIY project is worth the effort and money when the result will give you a chic homemade swing in your back garden.

3 – Patio Floor






A more challenging project which you can get the whole family to participate in is laying a patio. For this summer DIY project, you will need to move around heavy materials and be on your knees to set the stones or bricks. The cost of this project is dependant on the size of the patio and the materials used. Although laying a patio can cost you a substantial amount of is a labour intensive project, I think you will be satisfied with the result.

4 – Birdhouse





To end this blog post I chose a simple and inexpensive project which is perfect for your back garden. You can make a birdhouse with any materials you can find lying around such as branches, cans, and even old fence planks. This project is perfect for bringing some wildlife into your back garden.




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Why You Should Maintain Your Warehouse Floor







Warehouses play a large role in the construction industry and more focus should be placed on how they operate. There are obvious dangers in a warehouse but one important risk which not many consider can be found on warehouse floors.

Busy, Busy, Busy

One reason why warehouses can be dangerous is that they can become filled with forklift trucks, heavy pallets, and lots of people. With the hectic environment, it is important for the conditions to be safe and free from hazards such as wires, spillages, etc.


The condition of a warehouse floor is vital to ensuring the safety of workers. The cost of injuries among a workforce can have implications on a business. The last thing a business owner wants is for most of their workforce to be off work with broken limbs for example. Safety is very important, and a business should treat it as such.

Stock Cost

As well as a workforce cost, there is also a cost of profits if safety isn’t made a priority within a business. Warehouses can be filled with heavy, product-filled parcels and pallets, one slip or trip on a dangerous surface can cost a business a significant amount of money all in one go.

Here are some of our small tips and tricks to help you maintain your warehouse.

  • An organised cleaning schedule
  • A safety policy for employees to know how to report and deal with hazards
  • Staff training
  • Anti-slip coating on the warehouse floor

Small steps such as these can reduce the risks of accidents in the warehouse and the potential costs of workers and stock.


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Three Quick Tips To Mastering Maintaining Heavy Duty Equipment.

Heavy Duty Equipment








It can be costly to repeatedly buy and replace heavy duty equipment, especially if you’re a company which depends on such machines. It Is important to take suitable care of these machines to avoid high costs for repairs. These costs can be higher than the initial buying price and even affect the return on investment.

Here are three tips to prolong the lifespan of your heavy-duty equipment.

1 – Clean Your Equipment

Dust, dirt, mud and even stones can stick to parts of the machine when they are in use.  To ensure your equipment can be used again you should wash and clean them after use. This will increase its durability.

One way to make cleaning that bit easier is to come up with a schedule and ensure the equipment is cleaned frequently. This will make the task easier as the machines won’t be as dirty after each use.

2 – Invest in Secure Storage

Leaving your equipment out in the sun or rain can be dangerous for them as the parts can overheat if exposed to too much sun. They could also rust if exposed to excess water. To avoid this and keep your machinery safe, store them in a clean, dry environment and cover them to keep them clean from dust.

3 – Read the User Manual

It is important to read the user manual which comes with all types of equipment as it contains important information about how to use the machine and repair it. There is also important information about the weight capacity of the machine and the maximum amount of luggage it can accommodate.

Reading up on these types of important information will enable you to understand your equipment’s limit and ultimately prolong its lifespan.

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Back to Basics. The 5 Fundamentals That Everyone Always Forget About DIY.










For a DIY beginner or someone who has never touched a tool before, the thought of doing DIY can be quite daunting. Here are my top 5 tips to make the process of beginning your DIY project that little bit easier.

1 – Don’t be afraid to ask questions

When learning a new skill, it is always important to ask a lot of questions. You can find professional builders and avid DIYers who are often easy to approach and like to share their wisdom. Sometimes people worry about sounding ‘stupid’ when asking questions online or even walking into a tool shop but it is better to ask lots of questions than assume you know everything. This will ensure your project runs smoothly.

2 – Take lots of pictures

I would recommend taking pictures of everything that needs fixing before you go to a tool shop. You could even take the actual object with you. By completing this step, you will save yourself time trying to describe the problem and getting the wrong tools for the job.

3 – Don’t begin a project late in the day

Everyone has those moments when there is a hiccup in your project, perhaps you need a spare tool, or you used up more material than expected so more is needed. If you start your project at 8 pm, it is unlikely that you’ll be able to go to a shop and buy the item you need. I recommend starting your project early, so you have time on your side.

4 – Start Small

Choose small projects as this will allow you to learn the necessary skills first and then move to more difficult, larger projects. For example, you could begin painting a small room to practice the skill and then move to painting a larger room or all the walls in a house. These smaller accomplishments will also give you the confidence to tackle harder jobs.

5 – Invest in good tools

Investing in a good set of tools will make completing projects that much easier. You don’t have to buy the most expensive tools you can find to own good tools. Expensive doesn’t always mean high quality. You simply need to look after the tools you choose so you can use them for more than one project.

At DSG Products, we offer our customers high-quality tools for low prices. We personally use all the tools we sell and regularly test our products to ensure they of the highest possible quality. Any which do not fit these criteria will not be sold.

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3 Reasons Why Renting Equipment Is Better Than Purchasing

Digger On A Construction Site
Digger On A Construction Site










Heavy equipment can be expensive to buy and maintain so few people can afford and maintain such equipment. There are several factors to consider when purchasing heavy equipment such as the upfront cost, maintenance, long-term usage, etc.

Here are three reasons to rent rather than buy equipment:

  1. The length of the project

    This is one of the most important factors which can influence the decision to buy equipment. It would be a waste of money to purchase heavy machinery for a one-time, small project. However, if you need equipment for a long-term job, or you have prospects for more jobs on the horizon, it would make sense to make the investment. This reason simply depends on the funding the company has for equipment and if the project is large enough to require such an investment.

  2. Better product

    Often retail companies possess better equipment and tools that would be too expensive for an individual to purchase. It would be better to rent high-quality equipment than to settle for low cost and low-quality tools that may break often. You are also not liable for any risks associated with specialist equipment which means you are better protected against expenses associated with risks.

  3. Less repair and maintenance costs

    There are unavoidable costs associated with owning heavy equipment. You need to repair equipment if it breaks and pay for the costs of maintenance. This is not a concern when renting heavy equipment as you will only operate the machinery for the duration of the rental. Some heavy equipment rental companies can even take responsibility themselves which removes the stress involved in repairs and maintenance.

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Set Your Watch to Robots, The Future of Warehousing.

Robots in a warehouse
Robots in a warehouse










An automated warehouse is a tangible goal for construction companies and while it is not a new advancement, automated technology has reached new levels of sophistication across warehousing operations and the wider supply chain in the UK.

This could bring new opportunities to a business open to researching and developing automated warehouse solutions. For instance, there will be a reduction in labour costs, an increase in sorting capacity, and a decline in human error.

The benefits:

• When implemented, robotics reduces the amount of labour required by warehouse operations, increase productivity and enables utilisation of building space.
• Robots have greater agility and awareness when integrated with smart data and smart systems. They are easily able to meet critical cut off times.
• Automated solutions can completely remove health and safety limitations. For example, instead of an employee completing a stock take, a small drone with a camera can easily go in the air and inspect the tall and small areas of your warehouse.

Where can you implement Robots?

There are several robotic solutions available to use in a warehouse – the question is what is the automation for? A warehouse may use robotics for storage purposes which includes cranes and automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS). To reach pallets stored high off the ground, for example, an automated retrieval system would be ideal as opposed to a forklift. This is because it is a better method of utilising height and significantly reduces the retrieval time as robotics can be extremely precise.

Any warehouse vehicle can become an automated guided vehicle (AGV) by installing a robotic module. The benefit of these machines is the fact that they already work in existing warehouses, so they can be introduced quickly and don’t require a new process.

The drawbacks:

• An automated vehicle follows pre-programmed instructions which means it may be more sensitive than a person. For example, an employee can cope with an uneven floor but an AGV this could cause a problem.
• A robot may be unable to manage situations which differ from a normal routine as they cannot, identify, react, and adapt themselves to solve an issue.
• For instance, if a pallet arrives in a bad condition the business may have to manage the process with suppliers. This will increase the amount labour involved which cancels out the labour-saving benefits associated with AGV’s.

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4 Facts About DSG Products That Will Blow Your Mind

DSG Products is not your average online retailer. We want to supply high-quality DIY and builders products at a reasonable price and although this is a common goal, we think our execution makes us different. Here are 4 ways we differ from your normal online retailer.

1 – Our Website

The products on our website are ordered to show you the lowest priced products first. We have other ways to filter through our products, but we firmly believe that if you can find the product you are looking for on our website, why would you need to pay more? I don’t know any other website which does this. Our choice to categorise this way backs up our commitment to provide our DSG fans with cost-effective solutions.

The phrase ‘why pay more’ has slowly become something of a tagline for us and is a phrase that drives us and inspires us to continue providing you with products for the best possible price. You can buy the exact same product from other online retailers, but you will end up paying twice as much (maybe even more) for the same product.

2 – Return on Investment

It is obvious that online retailers are looking to make a profit – ourselves included. However, we did not create this website to become rich or exploit the people we have learned to call friends. That’s not the way we operate!

The reason why we can make our prices affordable is that we buy discounted or clearance stock. This doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with the products, they’re just cheap. As I mentioned before, we aren’t interested in becoming millionaires. Our aim is to provide you with cost-effective products so nothing on our website is overpriced. We would hate to be ripped off too. We simply cover our costs and make a little extra to keep us in coffees, that’s all.

3 – #DSGCompetition

We have regular competitions to thank our DSG fans for all their support and engagement on social media. The prize is usually a toolbox full of tools and our followers simply must follow and engage with us on social media. Our last prize was a toolbox and tools worth over £45! In specific, we had a 16″ plastic toolbox, self-retracting knife, 6″ combination pliers, 8pc metric hexagon key set, 8″ adjustable wrench, 9″ magnetic spirit level, 8oz stubby claw hammer, 12pc bit set, bradawl and a 4pc screwdriver set. Most of these tools are a must-have for your toolbox so the competition gives us an excuse to prepare you for any DIY job which may arise.

4 – Personalisation

If it is not clear already, we are committed to ensuring you have the best possible experience with DSG Products as you can possibly have. As well as the differences above, what make us different is our us of personalisation.

We personally use all the products we sell – we would not use ineffective and cheaply made products. If we have not used a product before or the product is new, we will open a sample and use it ourselves first. If we are happy with the product and it works effectively, we will then sell it to you. If it does not pass our tests, we will not sell it.

Our personalisation also extends to our product descriptions. They are honest, from the heart, and hopefully, some of them make you smile. Ultimately, we believe in you, our customer, and will do what we can to make your stay with us a happy one.