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4 Cheap Tools That Need To Be In Your Toolbox

When you think of essential tools that need to be in your toolbox, your list may consist of a hammer or screwdriver. While these tools are important, this is just the beginning.

These 4 tools are essential for household projects or repairs. If you have a passion for tools or simply need to stock a basic toolbox, here are our recommended products which will get the job done. How many do you have in your toolbox?

1 – Phillips Screwdriver

A Phillips or X-shaped screwdriver is one of the most popular tools found in any toolbox. Its popularity comes from the ‘X’ design which is beneficial as it will not slip out of the X-slotted screw. It will grip the screw firmly in the centre if the screw is suitably sized

You can buy a Phillips screwdriver in a range of sizes, we recommend having at least two sizes if you’re an avid DIYer.

Phillips 'X' Shaped Screwdriver
Phillips ‘X’ Shaped Screwdriver

2 – Level

Have you ever looked at a shelf and it looks wrong? Perhaps it is not quite level or your belongings don’t quite sit right. This tool will help avoid this.

Some people are good at eyeballing whether something is level or not but those who don’t have this talent, (or those who prefer the easy way), can use a level. Builders typically use longer levels, we have a heavy duty 24-inch level available, however, for a DIYer or occasional builder, we recommend a 9-inch level.

Top Tip: If you get extra air bubbles in one of the vials, lightly tap the level and you will get only one.

Heavy Duty 24-inch Spirit Level
Heavy Duty 24-inch Spirit Level











3 – Utility Knife

From breaking down cardboard boxes, cutting drywall, and even trimming the edges of carpet, there is a multitude of uses for a utility knife. You’ll be surprised how you ever got by without one.

Retractable utility knives that have snap-off blades are ideal and a necessity to your toolbox. The thin blades are likely to get dull quickly, so you can snap off worn sections as you go, providing you equip yourself with pliers and safety goggles. We offer our DSG Fans a Folding Lock Back Utility Knife With 5 Spare Blade.

Folding Lock Back Utility Knife With 5 Spare Blade
Folding Lock Back Utility Knife With 5 Spare Blade











4 – Pliers

Our final must-have tool is pliers which support you in firmly holding objects, as well as with pulling, pinching, or bending metal. There are several variations of pliers ranging from long-nose pliers designed to grip tiny wires to expandable pump pliers made for gripping. We recommend our CHANNELLOCK Griplock T & G Pliers. This all-purpose tool can grip, bend, twist and turn wires, and open stubborn lids.

Top Tip: Choose a set of pliers with at least a 2.5-inch (6 centimetres) gap between the handles when closed. This will prevent your palm or fingers from being pinched when using the tool.

CHANNELLOCK Griplock T & G Pliers
CHANNELLOCK Griplock T & G Pliers