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5 Ways To Categorise DIYers. Which one are you?

5 Ways To Categorise DIYers
5 Ways To Categorise DIYers

According to research, 58% of the population has undertaken a DIY project in the past 12 months. You can often group DIYers into categories. Take a look at these types and comment below which type of DIYer you are.

1 – Reluctant

This DIYer has one or two old paint brushes which are gathering dust in the garden shed along with a tin of paint that was bought in 2008. Maybe once in a while, they’ll have a go at freshening a wall with that.

2 – Obsessive

Over the top. This is one way some may describe this DIYer, but in their eyes, if you start a job, you might as well do it well. Unlike the reluctant, they have several tools for each job. They’re even willing to impart knowledge to their family, and friends, and staff at the local paint shop.

3 – Clumsy

This poor DIYer always put’s maximum effort into all projects, but unfortunately, their skills don’t match their enthusiasm. Their DIY attempts often end in disaster, but practice makes perfect.

4 – Planner

Does this person spend the majority of their time cleaning and prepping the area the project will take place? Yes. They put so much detail into the preparation that they easily make a quick weekend job last a week.

5 – Deserter

This DIYer is fully committed and full of enthusiasm. This lasts until they buy the paint and tools for the job and complete all the preparation. They soon lose interest and make excuses. For instance, it’s perfectly acceptable to leave the wall behind the cupboard unpainted – no one ever sees it anyway.