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5 Products You Might Not Need but Will Definitely Want to Buy When You See the Price Tag.

7 Pin Connection Lead, 60mm Retractable Jockey Wheel with Bracket, Carpet Protector Film, Complete Vehicle Recovery Ratchet Strap Set and Bag, 4' Trailer Lighting Board with 6m Cable.
7 Pin Connection Lead, 60mm Retractable Jockey Wheel with Bracket, Carpet Protector Film, Complete Vehicle Recovery Ratchet Strap Set and Bag, 4′ Trailer Lighting Board with 6m Cable.












Put your hand up if you’re addicted to online shopping. If you didn’t put your hand up, then you’re either lying or in denial. I prefer to shop online, it is easier and a lot quicker. In the past, if you wanted to buy a new TV you would have gone to two or three different shops to compare different brands and prices. Then based on this information you would make your decision.

Today, however, this rarely happens. Major retailers have now opened up online stores which have expanded to selling the universe of ‘everything’. You can find almost anything online. Especially within an online store such as Amazon. We now joyfully open up our computers, get online and do all the comparison shopping we want – or do we?

After completing some research, I found out that the prices within DSG Products are a lot cheaper than the prices you can see on eBay and other similar e-commerce sites. Not only are our products of high quality, but we provide our DSG fans with cheap and reasonable prices. Here are five products which follow this principle. You might as well add them to your cart right now.

1 – 7 Pin Connection Lead

This high quality 7 pin coiled connection lead is used to connect the lights from a vehicle to a trailer with ease. Due to its spiral shape, you can easily use the product as you don’t have to roll the wire up or waste time removing tangles.

The product includes two connectors which are male/male and 2.5 m long. The coiled cable can be extended by up to 2m of normal operation. It also has a 7 pin plug which connects easily to your trailer socket. This means you will be well-equipped for most situations. At only £10.49, this product is perfectly suited to trailers, caravans, boat trailers, etc.

In case you were wondering, this product is the cheapest by £2 and has free shipping.

2 – 60mm Retractable Jockey Wheel with Bracket

We have yet another variation of Jockey Wheel for you. This 60mm retractable jockey wheel has been constructed for larger standard duty applications. The item comes with an integral mounting bracket and has a clear zinc plated finish to help resist rust and corrosion. The tyres are manufactured from a heavy duty rubber and the handle is made of steel.

This jockey wheel is a whole £17.10 cheaper on eBay and costs only £32.89.

3 – Carpet Protector Film

This is an excellent quality carpet protector that is 100 microns thick (almost twice as thick as standard 60-micron carpet protector!) I would recommend being careful when buying a thinner product as it will tear easily, and your money will be wasted.

This carpet protector is a high performance self-adhesive, temporary carpet protection which protects your carpet from a range of situations such as a party or when decorating your home. This ‘must have’ DIY product will save you expensive clean-up costs and/or carpet replacement.

The brand ProSolve is trusted by several top tradesmen, contractors and top retailers in the UK. This brand is used by some of the UK’s leading house builders, home service companies and interior fit-out companies.

Again, we are the cheapest by £18.45 as our product will only cost you £29.99 (yes, you read the price correctly!).

4 – Complete Vehicle Recovery Ratchet Strap Set and Bag

This is a Warrior branded complete vehicle recovery strap assembly which is designed for securing cars to cars transporters. Each strap comprises a two-part ratchet strap assembly with a link strap which operates as a choker to ensure that the vehicle is held securely without damaging the vehicle bodywork or wheels. The high-quality Warrior ratchet assembly makes it a quick and easy one-person job.

We are £10.05 cheaper on eBay, so you can buy now at our incredible price of £39.95!

5 – 4′ Trailer Lighting Board with 6m Cable

These 4′ Trailer Lighting Board C/W Reversing Light With 6M Cable is ideal for use towing or touring they can be used as a permanent fixture but are easy to attach and detach due to the two formed mounting holes.

The holes are 12mm in size and 705mm apart. Can be used for any type of vehicle including trailers horse boxes, tractors, boats, jet skis, trailers, caravans, bike racks and more.

It is a legal requirement to have a visible Trailer Board. Each light cluster has a rear side light/brake light, number plate light and an indicator light. The board comes complete with a 6m long cable (approx 20ft) with the standard 7 pin plug.

Once again, we are £3.29 cheaper with free shipping.

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